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Chapter: Issue 2 Page: Movie Mania

Tue, 30th March, 2021

Movie Mania

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waterlilyhighwc1 Tue, 30th Mar, 2021
Like I said previously I was having a hard time trying to come up with a comic to create so I decided to take a break and watch some youtube videos, my sister accidently gave me the idea to watch a few videos of The Great Movie Ride one of my most favorite rides that used to be a Disney's Hollywood Studios, and that's how I came up with this comic!!!

Also it's a great excuse to add one of my favorite classic movies into my comics lol, I'm thinking I might do a short comic based on "The Wizard Of Oz" later on I'm just not sure when to do it though. Anyway I hope y'all like this weeks comic and I'll catch you in the movies!

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