"Water Lily High" is a comic series about a teen goth girl named Sarah and her strange and unique friends. The comics consist of random adventures and story lines.

Chapter: Issue 2 Page: Writers Block

Sun, 21st March, 2021

Writers Block

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waterlilyhighwc1 Sun, 21st Mar, 2021
I actually was (and still am) having trouble coming up with comics to post right now, but luckily I made this... Thing...

And yes I'm well aware of other comic creators making this joke, and no I didn't get inspiration from them, this just came to me at random when trying to think of a joke, this is inspired by how much trouble I have when trying to create pretty much anything, I'm partially wondering if it really writers block or if it's a form procrastinating/anxiety since sometimes I feel like I have to create something or I'll disappoint someone, I don't think I'll ever be sure which it is.

Sorry for the long writing above hope y'all like this comic and hopefully I'll come up with more funny adventures soon. 😅

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