"Water Lily High" is a comic series about a teen goth girl named Sarah and her strange and unique friends. The comics consist of random adventures and story lines.

Chapter: Issue 2 Page: Inside Scoop

Tue, 9th June, 2020

Inside Scoop

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waterlilyhighwc1 Tue, 9th Jun, 2020
It's the "Keisha and Amy" show! Staring Keisha Williams and Amy Thorn! Join Water Lily's hard working sweethearts figure out what the rival school is planning! You'll laugh, you'll probably laugh some more at whatever the heck I'm writing in this description! Premiering January 27! I'm getting way too carried away with this joke!!!

But for real, I've been working on this comic for about a year now, if you don't get the joke it's based on the old sitcom "Laverne and Shirley" I watched a few episodes of it and thought it was a pretty good show! If you look closely at the "Keisha and Amy" font it's based on the shows don't as well, I did my best at trying to mimic it.

Also fun fact David's character design and some of his personality is based on the character Squiggy from the show! I gave him the name "David" after the actor who played him (David Lander), so that's a little bit of a fun fact for y'all!

Anyway I hope y'all like my new comic!

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