An ongoing comic series with short and funny episodes about a group of highschoolers in the supernatural town of Water Lily California!

Chapter: Issue 1 Page: Science Un-fair pg 3

Wed, 27th November, 2019

Science Un-fair pg 3

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waterlilyhighwc1 Wed, 27th Nov, 2019
"At that moment, we distinctly heard these words above our heads:

"There is no one there, dear!"

"No one? ... Are you sure there is no one?"

"Why, of course not ... no one!"

"Well, that's all right! ... What's the matter, Christine? You're not going to faint, are you ... as there is no one there? ... Here ... come down ... there! ... Pull yourself together ... as there is no one there! ... BUT HOW DO YOU LIKE THE LANDSCAPE?"

"Oh, very much!"

"There, that's better! ... You're better now, are you not? ... That's all right, you're better! ... No excitement! ... And what a funny house, isn't it, with landscapes like that in it?"

"Yes, it's like the Musee Grevin ... But, say, Erik ... there are no tortures in there! ... What a fright you gave me!"

"Why ... as there is no one there?"

"Did you design that room? It's very handsome. You're a great artist, Erik."

"Yes, a great artist, in my own line." - The Phantom of the Opera

Sorry for the delay anyway, yes, those were the exact words that gave me the idea of this comic, although in this comic both Chris and Erik don't even know he's in there lol.

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