An ongoing comic series with short and funny episodes about a group of highschoolers in the supernatural town of Water Lily California!


Welcome to Water Lily High!!!

Welcome new (and old) readers to my fabulous new comic page!!! I'm so excited to bring you high quality content that'll make you smile from ear to ear, on here you'll see every WLH comic I have ever written and illustrated, now some fun facts about Water Lily High (WLH)!

WLH actually started when I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of cartoons and read a lot of comics so it inspired me to create my own series, so that's what I did, I first started with I think about four (4) characters, them being Sarah (my persona), Keisha, Piper and Chains after that I started to expand my list of characters, by the time I was 12 to 13 I had the perfect cast of characters including my personal favorite Zane, after I Had my cast I then had to come up with a name for my series, by 2014 I had the name down! Insert Water Lily High! 

So I started doing digital art for fun that year, but I hadn't yet mastered digital art until 2018, when I released my first comic on Instagram (@waterlilyhigh) then I expanded to Tumblr, DeviantArt, Twitter, Tapas and Webtoon! And now here we are, sorry for boring you, anyway I hope you like this little back story of how my comics came to be! (sorry if it's  not too incisive about it I'm bad at writing lol).