An ongoing comic series with short and funny episodes about a group of highschoolers in the supernatural town of Water Lily California!


New Facebook Page!

Now Water Lily High, Camp Hollow and more can be viewed on Facebook! I just released a Facebook page for my art and comics, so do please go and check it out!

Mini Update Please Read!

Okay, so a lot of the stuff I planned in the last update unfortunately got held back, this was due to me catching the covid virus a couple of weeks ago, I'm doing way better now but I'm still recovering from it. So it might take a while to get fully back on track, I'm starting to, but it's taking a while since I have to catch up on other things.

I do plan on getting some of it done soon, but I'm trying to focus on getting my Halloween specials ready for here and for Tapas and Webtoon. Once that's done I'll probably do a new page for my other comic "Welcome To Camp Hollow." 

(This has been reposted on "Welcome To Camp Hollow" but with small edits)

Random Comic News Update Time!

Hello and welcome to my newest random update! Let's see what I have in store for y'all...

First I'll be talking about my second comic series Welcome To Camp Hollow:

so I've been working on a new page for my other comic series Welcome To Camp Hollow (WTCH), and I hope to get it out soon, maybe this week or the following week, I'm now working on scripts for more pages for WTCH as well.

More Water Lily High comics are also in the works:

Of course I also have more comics in the works for Water Lily High (WLH), I'm also planning to try and do some more special holiday themed comics, including Halloween and Christmas themed comics!

I also have a third series in the works:

The third series I'm talking about is called Louisianan Vacation (or LV for short.) It's going to be a mini series about Water Lily's emo zombie Zane Graves and his family (along with his best friend Sarah Trivette)  taking a trip back to the Graves family's hometown in Baton Rouge Louisiana! This comic will feature some familiar faces with some new ones to go along with it! I'll probably be redrawing the first page so it can meet my current art style. You can see the original page as a sneak peek on my DeviantArt.

I'm also thinking about creating a forth series as well!

Yup you heard that right, I'm thinking about creating a forth series! The forth series will probably be about some scrapped ideas that doesn't really work with my three comic series, it'll also work as a play ground for new ideas and side stories that feature some lesser known characters and puns on some of the in universe shows, games and more!

I'm also trying to create some merch and possibly a Patreon/Kofi!

It's taking a little while but I'm working on some fun merch for my comic series'! I plan to release it on sites like Redbubble, Threadless, and such. As well as finally open up a Patreon/Kofi! I'm not totally sure when I'll be able to do it, I don't have a bank account at the moment but I hope to get one soon to link to my Paypal so I can start working on all of it. 

Well, that's all I have for now, be sure to keep an eye out for any of these things I mentioned, because I'm not fully sure on what big thing is going to happen first, especially since I'm a one woman job working all this stuff. (0﹏0;)

Anyway I hope y'all are having a good day/night! :)

Free Phone Wallpaper Update!!!

Alright, I've completed all twelve of the monthly themed free phone wallpapers! Go and check them out! also if you download them please tell me which one is your favorite! :)

Free Wallpapers Now Available!!!

I've created some free wallpapers for y'all as a thank you gift for subscribing to my comic, they're of my monthly character art that I've been posting on my social media pages, I'm currently only up to August on the wallpapers but fear not I'll have the rest up soon, just gotta create them first 😅, so anyway I hope y'all enjoy them!

Random Update

Just posting a random update for what's going on this month! I plan to try and edit this site so it looks a lot more professional, and I'm hoping to start adding art to the gallery tab, I can't promise that I'll be able to get it all done this month but I'm hoping to make some progress soon.

Welcome to Water Lily High!!!

Welcome new (and old) readers to my fabulous new comic page!!! I'm so excited to bring you high quality content that'll make you smile from ear to ear, on here you'll see every WLH comic I have ever written and illustrated, now some fun facts about Water Lily High (WLH)!

WLH actually started when I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of cartoons and read a lot of comics so it inspired me to create my own series, so that's what I did, I first started with I think about four (4) characters, them being Sarah (my persona), Keisha, Piper and Chains after that I started to expand my list of characters, by the time I was 12 to 13 I had the perfect cast of characters including my personal favorite Zane, after I Had my cast I then had to come up with a name for my series, by 2014 I had the name down! Insert Water Lily High! 

So I started doing digital art for fun that year, but I hadn't yet mastered digital art until 2018, when I released my first comic on Instagram (@waterlilyhigh) then I expanded to Tumblr, DeviantArt, Twitter, Tapas and Webtoon! And now here we are, sorry for boring you, anyway I hope you like this little back story of how my comics came to be! (sorry if it's  not too incisive about it I'm bad at writing lol).