"Water Lily High" is a comic series about a teen goth girl named Sarah and her strange and unique friends. The comics consist of random adventures and story lines.


Mini Update Please Read!

Okay, so a lot of the stuff I planned in the last update unfortunately got held back, this was due to me catching the covid virus a couple of weeks ago, I'm doing way better now but I'm still recovering from it. So it might take a while to get fully back on track, I'm starting to, but it's taking a while since I have to catch up on other things.

I do plan on getting some of it done soon, but I'm trying to focus on getting my Halloween specials ready for here and for Tapas and Webtoon. Once that's done I'll probably do a new page for my other comic "Welcome To Camp Hollow." 

(This has been reposted on "Welcome To Camp Hollow" but with small edits)